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Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet



We are total advocates for you to have a pet. The benefits that one can get from having a pet are enormous. However, we have to admit that pets are not for everyone.

So, if you’re thinking about getting a pet, here are seven factors to consider before you bring one home. You don’t want to make the mistake of bringing home the wrong kind of pet or finding that your lifestyle isn’t pet-friendly after all.

Time for a pet

Many pets such as dogs and cats are so cute that many people cannot resist bringing them home. However, the realities of the pet soon define themselves when one realizes the great responsibilities involved in their care. One of those responsibilities is pet time.

The most common domestic animals, such as dogs and cats, require considerable time for them. This is especially the case with dogs, they are not happy if left alone for long periods of time. If you can’t dedicate enough time each day to playing and interacting with your pet, don’t get the one that requires a lot of time.

Consider pets that are time-demanding, such as fish. But remember, you still need time to clean and maintain fish tanks. So, part of your research should be looking at the amount of time and maintenance required for each type of pet. Be totally honest with yourself about how much time you can dedicate to a pet. And don’t think that cats are that independent, because at least cleaning the litter box once a day will get you there.

Animal Care Costs

Some pets like dogs, cats, and birds can have significant health costs, especially if they get sick or injured. Talk to existing pet owners to find out what their average annual veterinary costs are.

Suitable Housing for A Pet

Different animals require different suitable housing. While cats, fish, and rodents can be happy in almost any type of residential or office dwelling, dogs do better in certain environments. Dogs can be quite happy in both houses and tall buildings, as long as they don’t have access to outdoor parks or nearby trails.

With the introduction of dog litter boxes, many dogs really do well in apartments or condominiums, but it’s still nice to have parks nearby where they can get fresh air and exercise.

Of course, not all buildings allow dogs or other pets, and you should check the pet rules before bringing one into your home. There is the noise factor, as you don’t want your dog to annoy your neighbors. This also applies to birds.

Training required for a pet

Another area in which you really have to be honest with yourself is your own ability and the time taken to train a pet. Some animals (such as dogs) require a lot of training, while others (such as rodents and even some cats) will not involve any training at all, as they are able to stay independent for as long as possible. Many dogs have been abandoned because of ignorant owners who failed to properly train their dogs.

There is no such thing as a bad animal. There is an owner who does not know how to train the animal correctly.