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Do Calming Dog Beds Work?



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Shopping for dog accessories in the past few months must have introduced you to the idea of ​​relaxing dog beds. These pet beds claim to help your dog deal with issues like separation anxiety, but do they?

The psychology of pets is a complex subject. Many researchers have weighed in on whether anti-anxiety dog ​​beds work, and the results are pretty amazing.

To help pet parents make a more informed decision, we’ve decided to dig deeper into the science of this phenomenon and see if soothing pet beds live up to the claims they make. What we found turned out to be quite interesting.

Pet Calming Beds DO Work

Before we delve into the exceptions, the science behind the calming dog bed is solid. Have you ever seen puppies just after they were born? They do not have many senses, but smell and touch are the most developed at first.

His first moments in the cold and cruel world are dominated by the search for his mother’s milk. This usually means sneaking up on a teat warmly among her littermates. At this point, they are both warm and fed, and it is their first moment of happiness and a sense of security. This first moment remains in their minds for the rest of their lives and shapes their world.

Canine psychologists have noted that all dogs (large dogs, medium dogs, and small dogs) associate sense with feelings, just like humans do. It is no surprise we are so near to them as a species. That smell of fur and the warm, comfortable feeling of being among their littermates is a feeling they associate with calm.

Using this principle, manufacturers of calming dog beds can simulate that feeling of calm and relieve anxiety.

Your caresses also help

When your furry friend is stressed or anxious and you hug him, he tends to burrow into you and try to escape from the world. Does that burrow look familiar to you? It’s the same type of behavior that occurs when they are just puppies looking to their mother for comfort.

As a pet parent, it should come as no surprise that you are the person they look to for protection and comfort. When you hug them, you give them the same feeling that they associate with calm and security.

The downside is that while it provides a safe zone, it doesn’t smell like what people associate with protection. Your clothes don’t have that smell of their mom’s fur or any particular fur.

Now, this is not a failure on your part. But for your dog, it could ruin the feeling of comfort and could cause conflicting signals to be sent to their furry brains. The result is that they are half calm and half anxious. This dissociation could lead to several problems, from biting you to having an accident on the spot.

Pet beds handle this better than you by giving your pet a nice, self-heating place to curl up and enjoy that fur smell. In addition, it has that pressure and warmth that you associate with your moment of comfort. These basics are important to help them simulate that comfort and calm their nerves.

If you’ve ever seen your pets go wild on the night of the 4th of July when fireworks go off everywhere, you know how necessary this kind of thing is for them. However, you should keep in mind that not all soothing pet beds are created equal.

The elements of the best dog bed

When we look at the science, a soothing pet bed that works as suggested should have two key things: raised edges to provide enough pressure and support for the neck, and plush, softly padded fur for warmth and scent.

Other key features to look for in a relaxing dog bed or orthopedic dog bed is:

  • Removable plush cover
  • Deep cracks for pets to dig
  • The non-slip bottom is resistant to dirt.
  • Interior fibers that offer joint pain relief
  • Machine washable fabric for easy cleaning.

You should get a soothing bed that won’t suffocate your pet with raised edges that are too hard to get out of. This is the one for you if you are looking for a pet bed to help with your anxiety. However, they are not all made the same way.

Beware of misleading advertising

We’ve seen beds that claim to be calming dog beds, but their construction left us wondering how they came up with that classification. Synthetic materials should have no place inside a pet bed. They do not provide a feeling of comfort and, instead of comforting, they introduce new aromas that will serve to confuse and agitate your pet even more.

The worst thing you could do for your fur baby is get her a pet bed with the inside completely covered in plastic. This material insulates them from the donut bed and can cause even more anxiety.

Many manufacturers who make these beds don’t seem to understand the basic premise. We’ve seen beds with memory foam inserts that may seem good for humans, but aren’t so great for soothing or orthopedic pet beds. These foam inserts provide a soft place for your pet to lie down and are fine on low heat, but they can trap that heat and become unbearably hot in the summer.

They would also have to be washed regularly. If your pet has an accident or lies on top of it with its muddy fur, it could permanently stain or damage the insert. Memory foam also does not provide any real calming benefit to your pet dog.

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The Essential Portable Water Bottle for Your Dogs




Portable Water Bottle

There are heat waves all around you and your dogs in summer. You should provide your dogs with fresh and hygienic drinking water to keep them hydrated. Water is one of the necessities of life, and its importance sometimes increases during summers. There may be situations where you will not find clean and hygienic drinking water for your dogs. Therefore, you need to carry your dog’s water dispenser to feed your dog when you are on the hills or at the beach.

Why Is Water Essential For A Dog?

Compared to humans, dogs cannot replenish their water supply quickly. Dogs also need water to regulate their body temperature. Dehydration is the worst thing a dog can experience. It has a very negative impact on your dog’s physical and mental health. Dogs can turn pale and, in the worst case, lose their appetite. When the dehydration reaches its extreme, you can see that their eyes can also be sunken into their noses and their gums become dry.

Water Helps To:

  • Helps maintain body temperature
  • Aids in the movement of nutrients and the release of toxins in the body
  • Helps with indigestion
  • It lubricates and facilitates movement
  • Bottle or bowl

Now that you understand the importance of water, a question that may come to mind is whether I should buy a portable water bottle or bowl for my dog. If you have the same query, we will help you find the best one for you. The choice mainly depends on your lifestyle. If you are a person who likes to get outside and generally go on hikes, adventures at the beach, in the countryside, or even hang out at local parks, then the best portable dog water dispenser is for you. Because carrying a bowl can be messy, you’ll need extra space to store it. At the same time, a portable water bottle can be practical and generally takes up no space compared to a bowl that you can keep anywhere, which is easy to carry.

Today there are many options available in the market and it is very important to select the best ones. We will help you make your decision easier and faster.

The Best Portable Dog Water Bottle

The pawtemple brings the best Portable Pet Water Bottle that is an ideal solution for dog lovers who are always on the go. It has an elegant design, which makes it easy to carry. It is made of high-quality materials and can hold enough water for your pets. It has an integrated bowl.

Some key benefits that make the pawtemple’s Portable Dog Water Bottle unique from its competitors are:

Convenient to use: Even if you are in the mountains or on a walk, this unique dog water bottle can pour water efficiently so that your pets can drink it without choking.

Control Release Button: With the button pressed, you can dispense as much water as possible. It has a unique silica gel ring inside, ensuring the feeding spoon prevents any leakage.

High Quality: Our best portable dog water bottle is designed with high quality, lead-free and durable plastic material. They are safe for your pets as they are non-toxic.


A great reason to buy Portable Pet Water Bottles is that they’ve been trusted by over 37,000 customers worldwide and come with a 15-day money-back guarantee.

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What To Consider When Buying The Best Pet Seat Cover




Pet Seat Cover

If you have a dog, you understand how difficult it can be to transport it in your vehicle without making a lot of mess. If you and your dog like to travel to the beach, go on hikes, go to the dog park, or just go to the groomer or the vet, you are well aware of how much mud, dirt, sand, and fur they have. You can track everywhere. And fast. Not to mention the destruction their paws and claws can wreak on your precious furniture.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to preserve your vehicle’s interior and keep it clean while still being able to transport your canine companion wherever you go, a dog car seat cover is a great alternative. With practical designs and affordable options, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without one.

Whether it’s the front seat, the back seat, or the cargo compartment, there’s a great cover for your pet’s favorite spot in your vehicle. Our detailed buying guide will help you determine the best dog car seat cover for you and your four-legged companions, allowing you to spend less time cleaning and more time having fun with your pet.

Consider the following:

When determining which of the best dog car seat covers on the market is best for you, your vehicle, and you’re a pet, there are several factors to consider. The next section discusses how material, size, trip length, and pet requirements can affect your purchase.


In our opinion, the most critical component of a decent pet seat cover is the materials. The following materials are frequently used:

600D Oxford Cloth – A durable polyester fabric used to waterproof a product.

PP Cotton: A polypropylene-based cotton alternative used to fill pet seat covers to improve comfort.

The TPU material is waterproof: a combination of plastic and rubber that also helps with waterproofing.

Non-Slip PVC Rubber – Usually used on the bottom surface of pet seat covers as a gripping surface.

Additionally, drivers should check for padded or sewn outer layers. This texture allows pets to grip the pet seat cover securely without slipping or puncturing the material.


Before you buy, please make sure any pet seat cover will fit your vehicle. One of the most common complaints we received from customers was that pet seat covers did not fit properly due to sizing difficulties. Check the measurements of the tires and compare them with the measurements of your vehicle.

Travel time

If you only take your pet a few blocks, use a cover that is easy to install and remove. If you intend to take longer trips, consider purchasing a cover that provides extra space for your pet, such as a cargo cover, or one that is more secure and requires fewer readjustments mid-trip.

Pet requirements

When choosing a seat cover, consider the needs of your pet. Is your older pet prone to mishaps? Purchase a waterproof cover that is completely impervious to water. Is your pet afraid of the car? Select a front seat cover or a cover with mesh panels to soothe your pet. Also, consider your pet’s temperament and activity level.

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Most important pet supplies in 2022



Owning a pet requires a lot of responsibility, this is especially the case when considering buying pet supplies for your pet. Pet supplies can significantly help not only the owner but also the pet, they can make the lives easier of both. It is not just about making lives easier, but the owner must have some of the pet supplies.  Since the times of Covid and lockdowns, online shopping for pet supplies has become more popular. Online shopping sites like PetSmart, have been selling a lot more than traditional shops. Mind you, the supplies mentioned here are only for traditional homes, you might not find some of the supplies that are found in shelters.  Therefore, here are the most important pet supplies to buy in 2022:

1. Pet food

Pet supplies image

Just like us humans, pets need to have a good amount of nutrients within their bodies. And hence it is necessary to buy pet food, as it will keep your pet healthy and fit. Don’t try to give most of the food that is not an original packaged pet food, as it could cause your pet to become unhealthy and unfit, due to food not having the right ingredients. Although, it is alright to give some of the food like cat’s milk, as they have the right ingredients for your pet.

2. Pet Furniture

Pet supplies image 2

At home, pets require time for relaxation or activities to do with toys or furniture, but most of the furniture and toys that are found at home are not suitable for them. And this is where pet furniture comes into play, which is suitable for each type of pet, such as dogs and cats. They will be in the most positive mood once furniture that is suited for their tastes is available.  They can spend their time having a high quality of relaxation and playing with toys so that they would be engaged and not get bored.  This is especially useful during times of lockdown.

3. Pet Supplies to keep your pet from getting lost

Pet supplies image 3

Pets love to explore a lot, sometimes even to the point of getting lost. In case that happens, many tools could be used to easily find your pet. There are GPS systems, where a transmitter can be attached to your pet and a receiver will be on your end, to find the location of your pet. Tools to avoid your pet from getting lost are to attach a collar and harnesses to the neck of your pet. So when taking your pet for a walk, holding that harness will make sure not only you have to carry your pet, but also to make sure that they won’t get lost.

4.  Pharmacy for pets

Pet supplies image 4

The most common disease among pets, especially dogs or puppies, is Dirofilaria immiitis-related heartworm disease.  There are many chewable tablets like so, that can prevent such infestations from occurring. It can also treat the disease by controlling and attacking ticks and fleas. It also kills and controls roundworms and adult hookworms. Some versions of such tablets can also be applied to cats or kittens.

5.  Cleaning pet Supplies

Pet supplies image 6

Pets are known to cause mayhem around the house by making it dirty through the process of urination or defecation. In case of that, there are many cleaning products like so, this that not only removes stains but also odor. Such products have features such as carpet and upholstery cleaner, special foam lifts, and clean, fabric-safe brushes that make clean-up that much easier and more. This is especially needed for the owner who likes everything being clean, is obsessed with cleanliness, or suffers from OCD.

6. Grooming pet supplies

Final image

To keep them neat and tidy, it is necessary to have grooming supplies for pets. There are brushes for dogs and cats that could be used to get rid of any shedding hair and keep their hair sleek and in order. They also get nail clippers, in case their nails grow too long.


Having pet supplies is essential not only for keeping your pet and yourself healthy, but also to make lives easier and less hectic for both. The products listed here will significantly help not only the pet{s} and}.

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